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Our Top Priority is the Safety of You and Your Property

Instead of removing your stump, you can have us carve a throne chair from your stump.

Click on the video above to see how safety is of prime importance to tree removal.

When tree removal is necessary for a number of reasons, it is extremely important to have your trees removed by a company that will ensure that you and your property will be protected during this extremely difficult extraction. At Herford’s Tree Care, Inc., we have the knowledge, experience and equipment to handle very large and technically challenging tree removal. Once we have removed your tree, we have several stump grinders, including smaller self-propelled units for backyards, and a large, tow-behind grinder, that will enable us to remove the stump. Generally, we can guarantee the stumps will be ground to 12 inches below grade, including visible surface roots. As an alternative you can have us carve a throne chair from your stump as you can see to your left. For some situations, this may be a focal point of your yard!