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Tree Removal

We have the experience and equipment to handle large, technical take-downs, and we have your best interests in mind from start to finish. When removal is necessary, it is critical to have trees taken down with professional care.

Tree Pruning Portland


Proper tree maintenance is often ignored until problems become too big to ignore, and it starts with proper diagnosis. An ISA Certified Arborist with 17 years experience, Nathan is a great resource for analyzing the health and structure of your trees, and recommending the best approach for every situation.

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Stump Removal

We have several stump grinders, including smaller self-propelled units for back yards, and a large, tow-behind grinder when appropriate. Generally, we can guarantee the stumps will be ground to 12 inches below grade, including visible surface roots.

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When advisable, cables can be installed in multiple-stemmed trees to prevent stem failure, and is usually done in conjunction with pruning. Pricing depends on individual situation, but a cable usually adds between $100 - $200 to the cost of pruning.

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Hedge Trimming

We hedge and trim bushes and shrubs. Our estimates include a free, informal consultation, and we always do our best to encourage appropriate action for every situation.

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Yard Service

We offer mowing, tilling, hole drilling and loader work. All the services you need to make sure your yard is looking great.

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About Us

Owned and operated out of Estacada, OR; Herford's Tree Care, Inc. has been in business since 2000. Nathan Herford (owner) has been involved with the tree care industry for over 17 years. In 2007, he was certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) as a Certified Arborist (PN-6333A). In 2009, he became a Certified Tree Risk Assessor (CTRA496). These certifications are current and require that Nathan continue his education of tree care to maintain his certifications.

We have grown from a small operation with only one truck, to a slightly larger company with a crew of two to three on each job, and we now have four trucks and numerous pieces of equipment to meet the needs of any job. In 2008, we bought a bucket truck that provides us with the capability to perform aerial work in tight or dangerous areas. We also recently purchased a second truck to haul and chip debris into, which will be going into regular service in the coming months.


Read what others are saying about Herford’s Tree Care, Inc.

  • "We've hired Herford's Tree Care, Inc. three times over the past 5 years and will be sure to do so again when we need more professional pruning or removing work to be done on our property. Nathan is a very friendly, talented and honest guy who puts in the extra effort to do a fantastic job. His skill as a professional arborist has improved the health of trees on our property and helped us identify, permit and remove a hazardous tree as well. He and his crew have removed several large trees and pruned many other trees and bushes while being very careful to NOT cause damage to other trees, bushes and landscaping that all existed within or close to their work areas."

    - Scott and Victoria, Oregon -

  • "We have been customers of Nathan Herford, owner of Herford's Tree Care, from almost when he began his business...and have had Nathan and crew back every year since. Must be 20 years now, or nearly. We have developed a set of routine jobs that Herford's Tree does for us each year: pruning, trimming, etc., and they do a great job, always cleaning up after themselves so that the only sign that they were here is the lovely landscape they leave behind.

    But where Nathan really shines is the "tough" jobs: Taking down an old, diseased or dangerous tree, hanging over your house, barn, etc. We cannot tell you how many times Nathan and crew "roped down" dangerous limbs, fell dead trees away from our structures, etc. The only damage from years of care was one, broken, sprinkler head....and you should have SEEN the job that was involved there!

    Anyway, we are so comfortable with Herford's Tree that we almost never ask for an estimate any more (unless it is an "unusual" job), and he has the codes to our gates, etc. We trust him and his crew to do a quality job even if we are not home when the job is done. "

    - Bill & Sue, Troutdale, OR -

  • "Herford's Tree Care recently completed a project on our property and we can't be more happy! Our small community has a combination and variety of Maple and Fir and we don't know when they've looked more beautiful! It's only been a week and several owner's have come forward with their compliments - Hat's off to Herford's!

    Nathan Herford, owner, and his entire staff have been very accommodating in providing a workable schedule and being punctual. Their concern on what's best for the tree is a true testament on the quality and professionalism of their work."

    - Andrea Terrace Condominium Association -

  • "We first used Herford’s Tree Care services to do some pruning to our trees for our home. We had our yard professionally landscaped but had some already more mature trees and shrubs that needed some pruning. Nathan was very profession and instructed me along the way of things we could do on our own. Their price was within our budget and I think the best money we ever spent. We have used them every few years for basic pruning. Our yard is beautiful and very natural looking.

    We have recommended Herford’s Tree Care to several friends and they are all very happy with the work done for them. We recommended Herford’s Tree Care to our Home Owners Association, Whispering Heights, as we have one to two street/curb side trees per home and they needed pruning. He has taken good care of the trees. Nathan has also had to replace trees for our development from time to time due to drought, or accidents due to snow and icy roads. This is always done in a timely fashion.We highly recommend their service."

    - Cathleen H, WHHA President -


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer free estimates? Yes, estimates are always free, and usually include an informal consultation. In-depth examination/consultation does not fall into this category, but an informal walk around the property is a great place to start.
  • What does it cost for a tree to be taken down? We don't have any set prices; but determine our prices on an individual basis, so you can get the best possible price for your very specific needs. We take many factors into account, such as: size, location, species, and condition of the tree or shrub to be taken out.
  • Do you spray? We don't generally recommend spraying, although it can be helpful in certain cases. While we don't offer spraying services at this time, we are happy to refer you to a company with spraying services in the area.
  • Do I need a permit to remove my tree or to do any tree work on my property? The need for a permit depends on the city you live in. Currently most municipalities require permits to prune trees located in parking strips, and many are now requiring permits to remove trees on your property. Sometimes, an evaluation from a certified arborist is all that is needed to obtain a permit for removal, or it may at least expedite the process.
  • How long does it take for someone to come out after I request an estimate? We generally have someone out within 5 business days from the date you request an estimate. Often, we'll see you the same day you call.
  • How long after I approve the work to be done will you schedule my work? Depending on the type of work and time needed to finish the job, it can be as little as a few days or as long as a few weeks. Usually the work happens within one to two weeks from the date you approve the work. Although we generally complete work on a first come, first serve basis. Emergency work always takes priority.
  • Do you do emergency work? Yes, we do our best to respond immediately to urgent situations, and have experience with working in unhappy conditions. We also have experience with crane assisted removals, when necessary, and do our best to simplify the whole process, from getting the hazard removed, correcting damage to trees that remain, and working with insurance companies for payment or reimbursement, and planting a new tree if you like!
  • Do you deliver chips? We are usually more than happy to deliver a load of chips for no cost; however we do not separate out leaves and small branches when we do our chipping, so there is a chance for some debris to be present. We also only deliver chips if it is conveniently located to an area we work in, so there may be a wait. Be sure to call and get on the list!
  • Do you have an Arborist on staff? Nathan is certified with the ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) (# PN-6333A) and is also a Certified Tree Risk Assessor (#CTRA496).

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